We strive to make every visit with us as enjoyable as possible. If you are a new patient with us, please note the items below so we can get you into your appointment on time. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Preparing for your first visit

Please submit the forms below prior to your appointment time. This allows our team to enter your information and ensure your appointment starts on time.

  1. Patient Registration Form Download
  2. Medical History Download
  3. Summit Policies Download

Please email completed forms to:
Ankeny: Office.Ankeny@SummitSmilesIowa.com
Nevada: Office.Nevada@SummitSmilesIowa.com

On Your Appointment Day

 Our team asks that you please arrive 15 minutes prior to your reserved appointment time.


The American Heart Association states a pre-medication is required if you have:

  • Joint replacement
  • Prosthetic heart valve, or repaired with prosthetic material
  • History of endocarditis
  • Heart transplant with abnormal heart valve function
  • Congenital heart defects including:
    • Cyanotic congenital heart disease that has not been fully repaired
    • Congenital heart defect, fully repaired with prosthetic material or a device
    • Congenital heart disease with residual defects, such as leaks or abnormal flow

*If you have ANY questions or aren’t sure if this applies to you, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR CARDIOLOGIST*